BLS Training with RM Nursing a great success!

RM Nursing has been running its Basic Life Support (BLS) since earlier this year and we have successfully been filling weekly sessions. We are especially proud of this as we only initially planned to run the training every other week but demand has surpassed our expectations.

Practicing defibrillator CPR procedure on a dummy

Our highly trained team, including head compliance officer Darryll Bryant have been credited by those taking the BLS for how well they run the sessions.

All the positive feedback has suggested our healthcare professionals find the BLS relaxed, fun, but most importantly, they leave with the knowledge they need to save a life.

Our team’s knowledge of the process runs deep. Not only do they endeavor to teach the process, but explain the reasons behind the actions in an attempt to help the process stick with in the mind. The team are patient and work for as long as it takes them and the participant to feel comfortable in the process.

Keep an eye on our community page for pictures from our BLS training days and testimonials from those taking part and visit our training pages now to see what else we offer to help keep you compliant. All these benefits are exclusive to those working with RM Nursing.

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