WANTED: Nurses – Nursing Shortfalls in the UK

Shortfalls of nurses in the UK have reached highs of 24,000 this year alone, with cuts & immigration rules having the finger of blame pointed at them.

Tougher immigration rules have meant that overseas nurses are required to pre arrange sponsorship from an employer in the UK. They must then leave the UK a maximum of six years later.

This raises the question “Is it right to allow someone to become a valid member of the healthcare structure within the NHS and UK and then ask them to leave 6 years later?”

The RCN (Royal College of Nursing) has branded the move “utter chaos” and believe it will risk compromising patient safety, something we hold as one of our core values.

The ceiling for those being asked to leave under new immigration rules will be individuals earning under £35,000.00 a year after 6 years of residence. This comes in stark contrast to actions the government is taking to reduce the maximum ceiling of a nurses earning potential.

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