Nursing and Midwives Revalidation

Nursing and Midwives Revalidation

RM Nursing is committed to constantly supporting all our Nurses and Midwives. As you may be aware the NMC is currently bringing about changes to ensure all Nurses and Midwives signed up to the NMC are practicing safely and effectively.

NMC Revalidation is the new process coming into place to take over from current Prep requirements. This means all Nurses and Midwifes will be required to revalidate with the NMC every 3 years alongside annual appraisals.

All this will be coming into place from April 2016. The NMC are proposing that the first Nurses and Midwives to revalidate will be those with a renewal date In April 2016.

Revalidation is straightforward and builds on existing renewal requirements. By introducing these new elements the NMC will encourage Nurses and Midwives to reflect on their role. This includes following the code of practice and demonstrating that they are abiding by the standards set out within it.

What are the requirements for Revalidation?

Revalidation will help all Nurses and Midwives to share and reflect on their current and continual development throughout their careers.

It will allow all to demonstrate to the public that they practice safely and are able to strengthen their confidence in the Nursing and Midwifery professions. It’s about being able to promote good practice for all Nurses and Midwives across the whole of the UK.

The requirements for revalidation with the NMC will include:


• 450 practice hours or 900 if revalidating as both a Nurse and Midwife • 35 hours CPD including 20 hours participatory learning

• Five pieces of practice related feedback • Five written reflective accounts • Reflective discussion • Health and character declaration • Professional indemnity arrangements • Confirmation (see booklet) Please see the following link. It contains further information and details on all the above requirements:

RM Nursing are proud to offer you opportunities to add to your Continual Professional Development (CPD) Points. By completing your annual Basic Life Support and Mandatory Training with us we are able to provide you with the certificates containing your points. This will be used to help you revalidate as well as contributing towards your yearly Appraisals.

Our Tips and Advice for you?

  • Ensure that you have set up an Online NMC Account. This will allow you to log in and find out your Revalidation Date. This also means you are able to plan and prepare yourself for your revalidation date.

  • Speak with your current Nurse Director or HR Manager to plan incorporating appropriate elements for your revalidation into your practises. Review your current arrangements and development plans to ensure you are working against the correct nursing and midwifery standards. Also ensure you are up to date with all the NMC Recourses and have read through and understood what this new venture will mean for you.

  • Start collecting together a portfolio of all the work you have completed. Feedback from colleagues and patients will also help you when it comes to revalidating. The more prepared you are the easier it will be.

  • Failure to abide by all the above will potentially mean losing your place on the NMC. We at RM Nursing believe all our candidates are worthy of a place on the NMC and so you should have no concerns. We are here to help.

Continue to visit our page in the coming months to remain up to date with how RM Nursing can support your NMC Revalidation. We are also working on a partnership with HLS to bring you even more benefits with your appraisal and revalidation processes.

Any questions or queries you have please contact our dedicated compliance team on 01234 480999.

Happy Revalidating from the RM Nursing Team.

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