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“I was impressed with the confidence of the trainers. I found aspects like the 5 breaths for juniors and the turning round of rings when doing the recovery position, especially the explanations.”

Nurse M.O

Band/Specialty: RGN (Band 5) | Region: South West London

“The opportunity to practice helped me to understand. I would agree that I am confident I could use this training in a real-world situation.”

Nurse R.M

Band/Specialty: HCA (Band 2) | Region: South Central

“The environment was well ventilated. The training was short but very precise and excellent.”

Nurse D.C

Band/Specialty: RGN (Band 5) | Region: London

“The CPR and defib was taught very well and the trainer was well prepared.”

Nurse A.S.A

Band/Specialty: RGN (Band 5) | Region: West Midlands

“I particularly liked learning about the paediatric BLS and the 5 breaths. I know feel I could use this BLS training not only in a hospital setting but in the community.”

Nurse J.N

Band/Specialty: RGN (Band 5) | Region: South East London

“Knowledgeable trainers, who encouraged participation and clearly defined the reasons for the training and why we were there.”

Nurse A.M

Band/Specialty: RGN (Band 5) | Region: UK

“Jay is so supportive she almost checked on me daily and my payments were on time. I believe it’s an excellent Agency and Jay is doing an excellent job.”

Nurse D.K

City, State Band/Specialty: HCA (Band 2) | Region: East London

“All was very clearly discussed. I feel more positive towards my work. I can feel the benefit already from this training.”

Nurse Camela Ashby

Band/Specialty: HCA (Band 2) | Region: East Of England

“The objectives of the training were clearly defined and the trainers were well prepared. All was well demonstrated well and understood.”

Nurse Lydia Osei

Band/Specialty: HCA (Band 2) | Region: East Midlands

“I liked the practical exhibition of all and the thought. I will use this training in saving lives where eve I find myself.”

Nurse Samuel Lefari

Band/Specialty: HCA (Band 2) | Region: UK

“I felt at ease during the training. I feel it will help me support vulnerable people.”

Nurse J.C

Band/Specialty: HCA (Band 2) | Region: East Midlands

“I enjoyed the atmosphere and feel it helped towards my career aspirations of supporting people. I am confident I could use this training in a real-world situation.”

Nurse I.L

Band/Specialty: HCA (Band 2) | Region: South Central

“The trainers are calm and good at teaching/ I improved my skills in helping people.”

Nurse M.K

Band/Specialty: HCA | Region: East of England

“Really rewarding, especially when I was block booked. Jay was so, so supportive she checked on me almost daily and my payments were on time. I believe it’s an excellent agency and Jaye is doing an excellent job!”

Nurse D.K

Band/Specialty: RGN (Band 5) | Region: East London

“I hereby send my recommendation about RM Nursing and the company agent. I see RM Nursing to be a reliable and organised cooperate body. They are an honest team in terms of appointment and acceptance. Francis, is friendly, clear in communication, giving a listening ear. I see him as someone giving his best to satisfy his client.”

Nurse Elizabeth Olorunniyi

Band/Specialty: HCA | Region: East Of England

“This is to inform you that Francis, as my consultant, has been very good in dealing with me so far. I would advise he keep up the good job.”

Nurse C.S

Band/Specialty: HCA | Region: West Midlands

“Working for RM Nursing has been a pleasant experience for me. The staff are always very polite, helpful and accommodating and the friendly approachable atmosphere at RM Nursing often makes it easy for me to choose my schedule and how I want to work. The consultants are supportive in providing me with work across different NHS sites in the country whenever I want to work. RM Nursing places value on people and all their nurses have good rates of pay that is higher than most of the other agencies.”

Nurse E.A

Band/Specialty: RGN | Region: South Central

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