The Seven Day NHS – All about the Nurses

The idea of a “7 day NHS” is one that many commentators have floated around for a long time and recent suggestions that nurses could be a key part of this plan add real substance. Nursing is poised at the forefront of this 7 day NHS, with huge talent pools across the UK, not to mention all other allied healthcare professionals that fall into the 24/7 working way of life.

Utilising this already talented workforce to assure the NHS runs around the clock could well be the backbone this multidisciplinary workforce needs.

With crisis level being reached across the NHS, action needs to be taken to assure patient care remains consistent throughout the week. It is important that instead of scapegoating, we focus on supplying efficient healthcare using the resources the UK has at its disposal.

RM Nursing will always endeavor to support both the NHS and its private clients across the UK so that in their time of need they have someone to rely on.

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